The research projects at the Collegium Carolinum

The history of East-Central Europe is particularly characterised by the coexistence, opposition and juxtaposition of different ethnic, national and religious groups. For this reason, the historical research of national and religious orders as well as migrations is of outstanding importance at the Collegium Carolinum. Legal-historical, cultural-scientific and linguistic aspects play a major role here.

The research field "orders" combines political-social and cultural-historical research that examines the construction, mechanisms of action and interdependencies of various orders. Interactions between humans and nature are the focus of environmental history studies, which are brought together in a separate research field at the Collegium Carolinum.

The history of memory cultures and migration studies are also focal points.

Methodologically, the Collegium Carolinum has increasingly turned to digital historical scholarship in recent years, which is particularly evident in network and biographical approaches.

Fields of research

  • Digital Humanities

    • Research data OstData more

    • Sudeten Germans Transnational, Global, and Digital more

    • Completed Projects of the Institute

      • The Emperor’s Desk more

      • Masaryk in the German context more

      • Corresponding Research more

      • Ostdok and Osmikon more

      • Bohemia-online more

  • Cultural Memory and Migration History

    • Oral History CC more

    • Completed Projects of the Institute

      • The Transformation of the Memory of Forced Migration more

      • Musealization of Memory more

      • Discourses of Victim Associations more

      • The evacuation of Germans from Slovakia, 1944/45 more

      • Contact Linguistic Investigation of the Linguistic Acculturation of Expellees more

      • The Outlook and Political Participation of Expelled Women more

      • Transnational Mediators of Knowledge more

  • History of religion

    • The Catholic Church in the Cold War more

    • Handbook of the religious and church history of Slovakia during the 20th century more

    • Completed Projects of the Institute

      • Jewish life in the Bohemian Lands more

      • International Research Project: "Religious Cultures" more

      • Handbook of the religious and church history of Slovakia during the 20th century more

  • Environmental and infrastructure history

    • Limits of development: State structural policy, comparing systems adopted in two European mountain regions (1945–1989) more

    • Completed Projects of the Institute

      • Developing the Carpathians more

  • Language and Literature

    • The "Sudeten German Dictionary" more

    • The making of a mother tongue more

  • Political and social orders

    • The criminality of Others more

    • Completed Projects of the Institute

      • Cultures of Vigilance more

      • Edvard Beneš and the National Minorities more

      • Concepts of Federalism more

      • State, Companies, and Workers more

      • Political and Cultural Loyalties more