Electronic Publishing

Making academic publications available by electronic means and providing unrestricted access to them helps to give better visibility to academic output and to increase transparency. Collegium Carolinum has been involved in digitization of scholarly materials and electronic publishing since 2009 and has set itself the goal of making academic findings in the field of Bohemian studies freely available to the specialist community. In pursuit of this goal, the Institute makes all its publications, including its journal Bohemia, available online free of charge after a three-year embargo period has been completed. In particular, the Institute’s entirely digital series, such as DigiOst and the Digital Series of Graduation Publications are made available under Creative Commons license guided by the principles of open access publication.

The Institute supports scientists through giving advice and providing digital infrastructure, as well as by helping with quality assurance and in clearing intellectual property rights.

If you have any questions, please direct them to: Arpine Maniero (arpine.maniero[at]collegium-carolinum.de)


Our “hybrid” series offers you the opportunity to publish your latest research results both in print and digitally.


Post-graduate papers

Outstanding theses – from both Germany and the Czech Republic – are published in this exclusively electronic series



The Institute’s journal Bohemia is also available online, though the articles published in it are subject to a two-year embargo period.