The Academic Library at the Sudetendeutsche Haus

Our library is unique in Germany and the whole of Europe. With its approximately 180,000 media units (including books, reference works, gray literature and older periodicals) and a wide range of current periodicals, it is the largest special research collection on the history of the Czech lands, Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia outside the two countries themselves.

Collegium Carolinum manages the library collection of the community library, whose membership is made up of the following organizations and institutions: Collegium Carolinum, Sudetendeutsches Institut, Adalbert Stifter Verein, Sudetendeutsche Stiftung und Historische Kommission für die böhmischen Länder.

Since December 2001 it has formed part of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Münchner Osteuropabibliotheken.

You can search our extensive collection conveniently from home or on site in the reading room via our online catalog.