Every year in Fall, the Collegium Carolinum organizes its annual conference, which is, in each case, dedicated to a specific facet of the history of the Bohemian countries as well as other countries of East Central Europe in comparative perspective. The contributions made to the annual conferences of the Institute are published in Collegium Carolinum’s series Bad-Wiesseer Tagungen.


Jahrestagungen 07. 11. 2024

Tagung 2024: "Interregionale Mobilität in Mitteleuropa: Personen, Ideen und Gegenstände (14.-15. Jh.)"

Jahrestagung des Collegium Carolinum 2024 und des Centre for Medieval Studies Prag
07.-10.11.2024 in Fischbachau (Oberbayern)

7.–10.11.2024 in Fischbachau (Oberbayern)