Science and Empire in Eastern Europe

Imperial Russia and the Habsburg Monarchy in the 19th Century

Bad Wiesseer Tagungen des Collegium Carolinum, Bd. 38

Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen 2020, VI u. 334 S., geb.
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ISBN 978-3-525-31074-8

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Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Collegium Carolinum, Bad Wiessee, 5-8 November 2015

Edited by Jan Arend

In 19th-century Western Europe, science often developed in the context of emerging national states. In Eastern and East Central Europe, however, until World War I science operated in the imperial framework of the Habsburg and Tsarist Empires. The imperial characteristics of these states (such as multinationality, linguistic diversity, and a pronounced polarity between centers and peripheries) created specific conditions for the sciences. Taking this observation as a starting point, this volume addresses the interplay of science and empire in Imperial Russia and the Habsburg Monarchy in a comparative framework.

The Editor

Dr. Jan Arend is a Researcher at the institute for Eastern European History and Area Studies, Tübingen University (Germany).