Sudeten German Dictionary. Dictionary of the German dialects of Bohemia and Moravia-Silesia)

The Sudetendeutsche Wörterbuch – SdWb (Sudeten German dictionary) is an academic dialectal dictionary whose purpose it is to represent the various German dialects of the geographical regions of Bohemia, Moravia and Sudeten Silesia. The Sudeten German dialects are an important part of the Czech and (Pan) German language history and are documented in the dictionary on the basis of an extensive collection and lexicographic indexing system in the service of the history of Western and Central European language, culture and society.


Publishers and Editorial Staff

The Sudetendeutsche Wörterbuch is published on behalf of Collegium Carolinum by

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Gloning

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Obtaining the SdWb

The first delivery of the SdWb was made in 1988. Since then, further deliveries have been made at regular intervals. You can find an overview of the volumes and individual deliveries and of the relevant sources here.

The existing volumes and deliveries are available at bookstores and can also be ordered from Collegium Carolinum:[at]