Collegium Carolinum has had a branch in Prague since 2018.

Collegium Carolinum’s Prague branch has the dual function of promoting research projects in cooperation with Czech partners and of communicating German research in the Czech Republic. In premises nestled between the main building of the Faculty of Arts and the National Library, the branch office is positioned at an attractive location for Prague's historical and cultural studies community. A routine component of its activities is the regular series of lectures that it hosts, in which historians from Germany make presentations on their topics of interest – and not necessarily in the field of East Central European history. In mutual cooperation with scientific and cultural institutions, Collegium Carolinum's branch office also hosts workshops and conferences in its event rooms at Valentinská 91/1.

Collegium Carolinum in Prague works closely with a branch office of the Deutsches Historisches Institut Warschau, with which it also shares office premises. Both bodies cooperate closely with the Czech Academy of Sciences.


Contact person: Florian Ruttner