Developing the Carpathians. State Structural Policies, Usage Conflicts, and Environmental Change in a Mountainous Region under State Socialism 1945-1989

The Orava Reservoir in North-western Slovakia completed in 1953

The Carpathian Mountains are to East Central Europe what the Alps are to West Central Europe. Stretching in an arc over 1,300 km from the Czech Republic to Romania, the mountain range not only determines the region’s geographical structure, but also has a profound influence on the daily lives and the imagination of its inhabitants. More...

Research projects

  • Arnošt Štanzel (project completed)
    Socialist hydraulic structures in the Slovakian and Romanian Carpathians – a new social order through dominance over nature? More...
  • Martin Zückert (Post-Doc project)
    Structural policies in the Slovakian Carpathians. State development policies and their social and ecological consequences.


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„Alpen und Karpaten. Die Erschließung zweier europäischer Bergregionen zwischen Nutzungszielen und Schutzansprüchen“
vom 10.–11.Oktober 2012 in München


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