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The transformation of the memory of forced migration during World War II in local contexts. Places, themes and agents in socialist industrial cities after 1989

Funded by the Government Commissioner for Media and Culture (BKM), this project examines how local cultures of remembrance changed after the change of system in 1989, focussing on specific post-socialist cities.

The interrelationship of different local memories of World War II migrations is a central concern of the project. Do the memories and historical narrative of a particular ‘migrant group’, as mediated by certain social agents, dominate in the local context? More...

Research projects

  • Dr. K. Erik Franzen
    Hoyerswerda as a melting pot? Local remembrance processes in a post-socialist industrial city since 1989. More...
  • Adam Gajdoš
    Transformations in the politics of memory surrounding involuntary migrations in the context of World War II: Košice after 1989. More...
  • Ulrike Lang
    Nation and class in the city's memory. On change in the culture of remembrance in Łódź since 1945. More...
  • Frauke Wetzel
    Memory in the local context – the example of Ústí nad Labem after 1945. More...




Am 11. Juni 2018 verstarb für uns unerwartet unsere Kollegin Gabriele Zeller.More...

Neueste Titel der Wissenschaftlichen Bibliothek

Anfang März 2018 wurde der neue Lesesaal der Wissenschaftlichen Bibliothek feierlich eröffnet. Seither steht Besuchern wieder der vollumfängliche Bibliotheksservice zur Verfügung. More...


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