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Cultural memory

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  • CC Oral History
  • The transformation of the memory of forced migration during World War II in local contexts. Places, themes and agents in socialist industrial cities after 1989 (Project period: January 2013–February 2016)
  • Musealization of Memory. The Second World War and Nazi-occupation in Museums, Memorial Sites, and Monuments in Eastern Europe (Project period: October 2008–September 2012)
  • Discourses of Victim Associations: Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia in Comparative Perspective (Project period:October 2007–September 2011)


Vortrag in der Prager Außenstelle

Timo Luks (München): "Prekäres Leben, prekärer Dienst. Die Polizei im 19. Jahrhundert" am 23. Mai 2019, 17 UhrMore...

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