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The portal Balkankriege 1912-1913

Digital resources and tools on its history

The portal "Balkan Wars 1912-1913" provides information on the two Balkan Wars within a dynamic curated space. The Balkan Wars represent a deep rupture in the history of South-Eastern Europe: The First Balkan War marked the end of Ottoman rule in Europe that had lasted many centuries (leaving them with only Adrianople Vilayet/Edirne on the European side of the Sea of Marmara), and substantially altered the political map of the region. The Second Balkan War, in contrast, exposed internal Balkan antagonisms and provided the grounds on the one hand for unfulfilled territorial aspirations principally on the part of Bulgaria and fears of secessionism felt by the victorious countries. More...



Am 11. Juni 2018 verstarb für uns unerwartet unsere Kollegin Gabriele Zeller.More...

Neueste Titel der Wissenschaftlichen Bibliothek

Anfang März 2018 wurde der neue Lesesaal der Wissenschaftlichen Bibliothek feierlich eröffnet. Seither steht Besuchern wieder der vollumfängliche Bibliotheksservice zur Verfügung. More...


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