Bohemia. Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Kultur der böhmischen Länder

A Journal of History and Civilisation in East Central Europe


Published on behalf of the Collegium Carolinum by Martin Schulze Wessel, Michaela Marek, Frank Hadler, Sheilagh Ogilvie, and Martin Nodl

Editor: Stephanie Weiss, Collegium Carolinum, Munich
Publisher: Collegium Carolinum

ISSN: 0523-8587


Issued biannually (each volume comprises two journals)

The refereed journal Bohemia is unique in Western Europe. In two annual issues this internationally-recognised academic journal presents the latest research on the history and culture of the Bohemian lands, Czechoslovakia, and the Czech Republic in the East Central European context. In addition to comprehensive studies, it also publishes literature and research reports, as well as conference reports and reviews. Each issue contains abstracts of the articles in English, French, and Czech.


Bohemia has been online since March 2013:


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