PD Dr. Klaas-Hinrich Ehlers

Hannah Maischein

Project researcher

„Language change in the immigration areas of flight and expulsion.
Language use and language perception among long-established and immigrated displaced persons in Mecklenburg since 1945" More...


Subject: Germanic linguistics
e-mail: klaas.ehlers(at)fu-berlin.de

Research areas

- regional language research / dialectology
- (historical) sociolinguistics, (historical) pragmatics
- migration and integration research
- history of linguistics and its neighbouring disciplines
- German-Czech cultural contact

Personal data

– Born in 1959
– studied Philosophy and German language and literature at Free University, Berlin
– 1990: doctorate at Free University; dissertation on: „ The dynamic system. On the development of concept and metaphor of the system by Yuri N. Tynyanov“.
- 1990-1992: Lecturer of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) at the Department of German Studies at Charles University in Prague.
- 1992-1997: Research assistant at the Department of German Studies at the Free University, Berlin
- 1998-2003: Research assistant at the Faculty of Cultural Studies at the European University, Frankfurt (Oder).
- 2003-2008: Research Assistant in the DFG Research Group "History of the German Research Foundation 1920-1970", University-GH Siegen.
- 2004: Postdoctoral qualification for the subject "German Linguistics" at the European University in Frankfurt (Oder). Habilitation thesis: "Structuralism in German Linguistics. The reception of the Prague School between 1926 and 1945".
- Summer semester 2004: Substitute for the Chair of “Linguistics I: Descriptive Linguistics and Interlingual Sociolinguistics” at the Europa-University, Frankfurt (Oder).
- 2008-2012: Research assistant in the DFG project "Language Variation in Northern Germany (SIN)". Faculty of Cultural Studies at the Europa-University, Frankfurt (Oder)
- 2013: Postdoctoral qualification at the Department of Philosophy and Humanities of Free University, Berlin, Institute for German and Dutch Philology
- 2013-2016: Head of the DFG project "Contact linguistic studies on the linguistic acculturation of displaced persons in Mecklenburg" at the Collegium Carolinum, Munich
- 2016-2017: Head of the DFG follow-up project "History of the regional language of Mecklenburg since the Second World War. Variety contacts between long-established and immigrant expellees" at the Collegium Carolinum, Munich
- Winter semester 2019/2020: Substitute for the Chair of "Historical Linguistics" at the Institute for German Studies at the University of Hamburg


– Consulting editor of the journal: Linguistik Online
– Member oft the editorial board of the journal: “Brücken. Zeitschrift für Sprach-, Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft“ (former: „Brücken. Germanistisches Jahrbuch Tschechien – Slowakei“)
– Member of the Johann Gottfried Herder research council (since 2011)
– Member of the „Society for Low German Studies“
– Member of the „International Society for Dialectology of German“
– Member of the „Research circle history of language science“