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The Biographical Collection of the Collegium Carolinum

The biographical collection of the Collegium Carolinum consists of information and references concerning public figures who were relevant for the historical development of the Bohemian countries or (for the 20th century) of Czechoslovakia. German, Czech and Jewish public figures of the Bohemian countries and Slovakia are documented as well as persons of other nationalities who influenced the development of these countries. Crucial hereby is the geographic context, so that not only persons who were born or died in the Bohemian countries are documented, but also those who spent a substantial phase of their lives there. Persons whose influence was restricted to a regional or local level are also included in this collection. The collection spans a time interval beginning with the Middle Ages and ending in the present times and records all areas of public life such as politics and religion, economy and technology, art and science.

Among the available specialized collections, the collection Kuhn (leaders of communistic Czechoslovakia) and the collection Marschner (German entrepreneurs and technicians) are of special relevance.

The biographical collection is the main source for the creation of the "Biographische Lexikon zur Geschichte der böhmischen Länder" (BLGBL) (biographical encyclopedia of the Bohemian countries), the first portion of which was released in 1974 and of which currently 34 instalments in 4 volumes are available.


Completed volumes (3)

Vol. I: A-H — 1979 — Download text (free)

Vol. II: I-M — 1984 — Download text (free)

Vol. III: N-Sch. — 2000 — Download text (free)


Volume IV has not yet been completed.
Instalments available so far (80 pages each):
1: Scip-Site — 2003
2: Sitk-Soko — 2005
3: Sokol-Stefani — 2008
4: Štefánik-Sterc — 2011
5: Štercl-Stoderl — 2015
6: Stodola-Stransky, H. — 2016
7: Stránský, J.-Štroner — 2018


Thus, more than 16.500 short biographies consisting of the key data of the respective persons have been processed.

Furthermore, seven volumes of the series "Lebensbilder zur Geschichte der böhmischen Länder" (Biographies concerning the history of the Bohemian countries) have been released since 1974.

The biographical collection is currently preparing several online databases and biographical tools. Among these are:

  • the biographical database on East Central Europe (BIODAT-OME).
    Currently, the key data of all persons contained in the "Biographische Lexikon zur Geschichte der Böhmischen Länder" is recorded here (deliveries 1+2). A digital index listing all persons recorded in alphabetical order (under construction): Letter A; Letter Ba-B
  • the online-catalog „Neuere biographische Nachschlagewerke“ (New biographical encyclopedias)  (since 1989, approx. 260 titles)
  • further databases and the integration with the European biography portal of the center for digitalization of the Bavarian National Library and the  "Neue Deutsche Bibliographie" (New German bibliography), the Austrian biographical encyclopedia etc. are in preparation
  • Biogramme der Mitglieder der Historischen Kommission der Sudetenländer im Gründungsjahr 1954. Bearbeitet von K. Erik Franzen und Helena Peřinová mit Nachträgen von Robert Luft (Volltext Biogramme Altrichter - Zatschek)

The biographical collection, namely the editorial staff of the "Biographische Lexikon zur Geschichte der böhmischen Länder", work in close cooperation with the following institutions:


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