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Friends of the Collegium Carolinum

The Collegium Carolinum examines the past and the present of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other countries in East Central Europe. It initiates and undertakes research projects, organises academic conferences, prepares publications and provides important background research services.


As a friend of the Collegium Carolinum you can support the institute’s work and receive information on its activities. Friends of the Collegium Carolinum enjoy the following benefits:

  • A subscription to the specialist journal ‘Bohemia. A Journal of History and Civilisation in East Central Europe’ (two issues per year; a regular subscription costs €49.80)
  • A copy of the Collegium Carolinum annual report
  • The ‘annual gift’: a free copy of any Collegium Carolinum publication
  • The possibility of purchasing selected Collegium Carolinum publications at a reduced price

Membership of the Collegium Carolinum’s circle of friends costs €40 (€30 for students with a valid student ID).

A direct debit authorisation is required (alternative arrangements may be made in the case of people living abroad). The membership fee is debited each year in July.

Please send your declaration of enrolment to the Collegium Carolinum, Hochstr. 8, 81669 München.


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Vortrag am 18.9.2019 im HDO München

Giulio Salvati (New York University): Kollektive Ansiedlung und Wanderung. Die Mobilität der nationalen Flüchtlinge in Italien und in Deutschland 1945-1954 More...

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