Collegium Carolinum – Research Institute for the History of the Czech Lands and Slovakia

The Collegium Carolinum is concerned with the history and the present of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and sometimes other countries in East Central Europe as well. It initiates and carries out research projects, organizes academic conferences, issues publications, and provides important background research services. The Collegium Carolinum also boasts Germany's largest academic library dedicated to Bohemia.



Vortrag von Cathleen Giustino:

"Migration and Resettlement of Confiscated Cultural Property in Czechoslovakia"More...

Neuerwerbsliste der Bibliothek

Liste der neu erworbenen Bücher der Bibliothek (I/2016)More...

Call for Papers zur Jahrestagung 2016 des Collegium Carolinum:

Das kooperative Imperium. Politische und gesellschaftliche Zusammenarbeit im Herrschaftssystem der HabsburgermonarchieMore...

Neue CC-Publikation erschienen (VCC 134)

"Migration and Landscape Transformation. Changes in Central and Eastern Europe in the 19th and 20th Century"More...

Call for Papers "Summer School zur Umweltgeschichte"

Das Collegium Carolinum lädt als Kooperationspartner herzlich ein zu einer Summer School zur Umweltgeschichte:The Undesirable: How Parasites, Diseases, and Pests Shape Our Environments, vom 28. bis 31. August 2016 in Prag ...More...


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