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Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies

The Collegium Carolinum has been working as a partner with the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies at Munich and Regensburg since 2012.

The Graduate School is an institution run jointly by the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich and the University of Regensburg. Six non-university institutions also participate at the school’s Munich and Regensburg sites. Since 2012 it has been financed by funds from the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and Regional Governments.


Its main objective is to create the best possible environment for the provision of outstanding doctoral courses in the area of the Eastern and Southeastern European studies. It aims to provide an impetus to the further development of research activities on Eastern and Southeastern Europe. You can find more information on the research program here. Other important objectives of the Graduate School are to encourage national and international networking, as well as to promote knowledge transfer to the general public.


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